ESP8266 gallery

The ESP8266 is one of the game changing building blocks of the Internet of Things. It can serve many purposes with its Wifi functionality and has enough I/O facilities to replace an Arduino or Raspberry. Strictly 3.3V, and a bit powerhungry for battery use. Read More


Cases and my Raspberry Pi’s

Starting with the announcement in 2011 and the fist available batch of B’s in 2012 my collection of Pi’s covers most revisions. I tend to case the Pi. Some protection of the bare board seems reasonable. What I look for in cases is: – low price! Some US and European vendors ask ridiculous prices for a bit of acrylic laser cut of low quality. The Chinese are good at that, see ebay! – access to all the connectors like the camera and display and the GPIO connector. – I like to see the internals of the Pi, so acrylic clear cases. – If the cover can be opened easily its a big bonus. That is rare alas. – Clam black shell looks more professional, I have one to show here and some on their way. Raspberry Pi 2011 Model B no fitting holes 256MB. First batch! IMG_4480 IMG_4477
Model B fitting holes 256MB. Gets very hot after some experiments, the ventilator helps! IMG_4479 IMG_4463 Model B fitting holes 512MB. Camera on top, can be rotated and tilted and folded in for transport . Great for time lapse or webcam/security cam purposes. Case bought from Reichelt Germany, also avaiable via Velleman.. IMG_4465 IMG_4466 Model B+, waiting for a better case! IMG_4474 RPi 2 Model B. First one is in clamshell case, second one is mounted on the back of the DSI Touchscreen 7″ display. IMG_4473 IMG_4470 IMG_2441 Model A, first batch IMG_4475 IMG_4476 Model A+ IMG_4469 IMG_4467

Remote access to/from Raspberry Pi

On this page I will show you how to access the Raspberry Pi in a Windows environment:
– acces the home directory on the Pi with sftp
– How to access Windows machines by name
– access via PuTTY
– access via Remote desktop client XRDP
– setting up a shared folder on the Raspberry Pi via Samba
– accessing a shared folder on the network via Samba
– use Bonjour to resolve names


First steps with the Raspberry Pi 2 and the new touchscreen

Not my first steps with the Raspberry Pi, I owned my first Pi since 2012, one of the first batch produced. Now I have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 B with the official 7″ touchscreen display, the latest and greatest and plan to do a lot of projects with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s. I run wheezy (just to let jessie come of age, until the users get used to it and share information,  and the annoying bugs are solved. IMG_2434 Read More