Arduino 1.6.x for Raspberry PI Jessie


Edit May 17 2016: Official support now: , still marked experimental

Edit march 22 2016: Have a look at There is official support coming for ARM!

Old text follows, not uptodate:

This is a current build of the latest IDE for ARM, runs on RPi2 and RPi3 as reported, … arm.tar.xz

I found a recipe to install Arduino IDE 1.6.0 on the Pi. Still not the latest, but much newer than 1.0.5 you get from the repositories. This is a fast process!

And on the Raspberry Pi forums a recipe for 1.6.5. Much slower to install, but it brings IDE 1.6.5 (which I need for the ATTiny85 and Micro pro!

Install 1.6.0. on Raspberry Pi Raspbian  jessie

Open a command terminal or use PuTTY via SSH:

Install Arduino IDE 1.6.0 on Raspberry Pi jessie (also works on ARM Beaglebone Black (BBB))

Compiled .deb packages for Arduino IDE. Works on ARM (BBB/Pi).
Go to this page if you want to compile/build yourself …..

Works on:
Linux beaglebone 3.14.26-ti-r39 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 8 01:52:29 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux
“Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)”

Raspberry Pi jessie nov 2015

Get the packaged files

I put the .deb files in /home/pi/arduino and run the following…

sudo su
cd /home/pi/arduino
apt-get update
dpkg -i arduino-core_1.6.0_all.deb arduino_1.6.0_all.deb

You will get some errors about dependencies, so run the following

apt-get -f install
dpkg -i arduino-core_1.6.0_all.deb arduino_1.6.0_all.deb
apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi bossa-cli
mkdir /usr/share/arduino/hardware/tools/avr/etc/
ln -s /etc/avrdude.conf /usr/share/arduino/hardware/tools/avr/etc/avrdude.conf

Now the Arduino IDE 1.6.0 is on the desktop in Electronics!

Install Arduino 1.6.5 on jessie

Install some tools

sudo su
apt-get install zip quilt 

Update quilt defaults

nano /root/.quiltrc
<enter these lines>
for where in ./ ../ ../../ ../../../ ../../../../ ../../../../../; do
if [ -e ${where}debian/rules -a -d ${where}debian/patches ]; then
export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches

QUILT_DIFF_ARGS="--no-timestamps --no-index -p ab --color=auto"
QUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="--no-timestamps --no-index -p ab"

Do this installs first if you like me removed a lot of unwanted software

apt-get install javahelper default-jdk default-jre ant astyle

Now start this long lasting string of steps:

tar xf 1.6.5.tar.gz
cd Arduino-1.6.5
git clone
ln -s Arduino_IDE/debian debian
dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b -tc
cd ..
dpkg -i arduino-core_1.6.5_all.deb arduino_1.6.5_all.deb

And you have Arduino 1.6.5!

Alternative recipe found here:

<pre><code class="language-text" data-lang="text">wget
tar xf 1.6.5.tar.gz
cd Arduino-1.6.5
git clone
ln -s Arduino_IDE/debian debian

# build dependencies for Arduino IDE
sudo apt-get install devscripts

# the next line will create dependency warnings which we fix afterwards
sudo dpkg -i arduino-build-deps_1.6.5_all.deb

# clean up dependencies
sudo apt-get -f install

# make some space
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get autoclean
sudo apt-get clean

dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b -tc
cd ..
dpkg -i arduino-core_1.6.5_all.deb arduino_1.6.5_all.deb</code></pre>