Joey, a kickstarter little LED board

I backed another kickstarter aimed at the Raspberry: Joey This can be very handy as a troubleshooting aid on a headerless project! Funded at November 6th!

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Remote access to/from Raspberry Pi

On this page I will show you how to access the Raspberry Pi in a Windows environment:
– acces the home directory on the Pi with sftp
– How to access Windows machines by name
– access via PuTTY
– access via Remote desktop client XRDP
– setting up a shared folder on the Raspberry Pi via Samba
– accessing a shared folder on the network via Samba
– use Bonjour to resolve names

Install FPC and Lazarus

A page describing how to get the latest Freepascal and Lazarus development systems on all versions of the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian wheezy and jessie in optimal format, targeted at ARMV6 and ARMV7.


First steps with the Raspberry Pi 2 and the new touchscreen

Not my first steps with the Raspberry Pi, I owned my first Pi since 2012, one of the first batch produced. Now I have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 B with the official 7″ touchscreen display, the latest and greatest and plan to do a lot of projects with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s. I run wheezy (just to let jessie come of age, until the users get used to it and share information,  and the annoying bugs are solved. IMG_2434 Read More