CP/M on the Pi! Ultibo baremetal app

EMUZ80 RPI is a CP/M emulator, by Ronald Daleske, for the Z80 processor the Raspberry PI (2). Here is the emulator without an operating system “bare metal” operated on the Raspberry PI. This particular application will start in about 5 Seconds.

This project shows, what is possible with the Lazaus/Free Pascal-Cross-Compiler from Ultibo.

The installation of Bare Metal programs on the Raspberry PI (2) is quite easy.
All you need is a blank SD card (or Micro-SD card for newer versions).
The SD card must formatted with the File System FAT or FAT32.
After then all files from the folder “boot” written directly to the SD card (inclusive the subfolders “CPM_LW_A” and “CPM_LW_B”).

cpm SCREEN_full

Here you find the project page, including all sources.