First steps with the Raspberry Pi 2 and the new touchscreen

Not my first steps with the Raspberry Pi, I owned my first Pi since 2012, one of the first batch produced. Now I have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 B with the official 7″ touchscreen display, the latest and greatest and plan to do a lot of projects with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s. I run wheezy (just to let jessie come of age, until the users get used to it and share information, ¬†and the annoying bugs are solved. IMG_2434 IMG_2435 Nicely packaged! IMG_2438 Display well protected, display board in the familiar RPi style, cable to connect to RPi, four screws. IMG_2442 Something to make it stand up! Pimoroni lasercut acrylic frame. IMG_2444 First add the frame parts, then connect the display board to the screen: large cable for lcd, small for touch. Notice the (ebay sourced) short USB cable to connect the powerout of the display to the RPi, saves on supplies, but make sure the powersupply can deliver enough power (2A is a minimum!). IMG_2445 Add the RPi and you get a nice compact desktop computer! IMG_2446 IMG_2447 Power the displayboard on the micro USB labeled PWR In with a 5V 2A power supply. And then power the Raspberry Pi via a a short USB cable from PWR OUT on the display board to the PWR IN on the Raspberry Pi. The cable I use is a cheap short one from ebay IMG_4462 IMG_4461 Install the SD card with ¬†Raspbian and it works out of the box! Touch works fine on the desktop, nice and crisp display, good contrast, as fast as HDMI. Now on to installing more software, like Freepascal!

To rotate the screen (its upside down with the Pimoroni stand) add this to the config:

$ sudo nano/boot/config.txt

Enable Right-click

Chris_c on the official Pi forums has discovered how to enable right-click with a simple configuration change. This allows you to press and hold on the touchscreen to trigger a right click.

Section "InputClass"
   Identifier "calibration"
   Driver "evdev"
   MatchProduct "FT5406 memory based driver"

   Option "EmulateThirdButton" "1"
   Option "EmulateThirdButtonTimeout" "750"
   Option "EmulateThirdButtonMoveThreshold" "30"

Virtual ( On-Screen ) Keyboard

There seem to be a couple of options for this. So far I’ve seen:


Suggested on the Pi forums by Hove is Florence: Install with:

sudo apt-get install florence


Suggested by Alex ( the almighty @raspitv ), and scattered on various blogs, is Matchbox, which you can install like so:

sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard

And then find in Accessories > Keyboard.

Find some screenshots ( of it on a smaller LCD ) here: