Hue Light Bar, Hue Go and Domoticz and Zigbee2MQTT

Hue Light Bar, a Christmas present. And a Hue Go V2. New lamps, welcome in the family. Bluetooth and Zigbee.

Bluetooth, a (bit unfriendly and limited) app. OK, but not what I want. Zigbee, to add to Domoticz.

Turned out to be a challenge.

Pairing. How to get this Hue to get into pairing mode? No button, no ‘magic’ on/off sequence. The official documentation talks about the Hue Bridge or Dimmer, which I do not have (or want to have). Bluetooth control worked fine, but there also no (working) way to enter Zigbee pairing
So check the wonderful Zigbee2MQTT documentation and there Touchlink is documented. I had already setup the Zigbee2MQTT frontend (see the documentation, an addition to the config file) at port 9090.
There you find a Touchlink tab.
– Select Scan while having the Light Bar switched on close to the controller.
– After some scan time the Light Bar and Go appeared.
– Now press Factory Reset button at theĀ  right at the device line. Also allow devices to join (in the front end and in Domoticz settings just to be sure).

Update Zigbee2MQTT was required in the pairing step. My one year old Zigbee2MQTT did not do the pairing, after a quick update (see again the zigbee2MQTT documentation) to the latest version paring succeeded and the device showed up in Domoticz. Actually two, the On/Off is the one you want, the effects one is less interesting.

Restart everything to make sure all is working and I have the Light BarĀ  and Gov added to the Domoticz world.

Note that I am still on the 2021.1 latest official Domoticz version and therefore and the last version of the plugin Zigbee2MQTT that supports that (see the GITHUB page for that). The latest does not run on stable and requires beta, which I do not want to run of course. I can live for now with the not so relevant errors in parsing Zigbee MQTT info, it works fine.