Install FPC 3.0.0 on Raspbian, Build Ultibo

By Paul Breneman:

Raspbian Lite is the only OS selected

-When reboots, login (user pi and password raspberry)
– Everytime boot up, hit the   key an extra time (as first prompt is erased)
– Enter the following lines (without bold comment text) in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata 
sudo apt-get install binutils-arm-none-eabi
sudo apt-get install fpc-3.0.0 --fix-missing 
fpc -i | more 
mkdir hello
unzip -d hello
cd hello
export PATH=/home/pi/ultibo/core/fpc/bin:$PATH
fpc -i | more 
cd QEMU 
cd ..
cd RPi
cd ..
cd RPi2
cd ..
cd RPi3
cd ..

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