Joey, a kickstarter little LED board

I backed another kickstarter aimed at the Raspberry: Joey This can be very handy as a troubleshooting aid on a headerless project! Funded at November 6th!

273fd182c7566bb57df2d2308d734e61_original 4e8d1a3f7dd34f6de3236701ad7dbd43_original From the About: The Joey makes it easy for your Raspberry Pi projects to display numbers such as readings, a counter, or a clock. It is a compact 4 digit LED display board which sits off to the side of the GPIO header so you can use other expansion boards at the same time –  the Joey display remains visible, even with a HAT mounted on top of your Pi! The Joey is simple to use – we provide a comprehensive Python library, sample applications and, of course, full documentation Features

  • 4 x 7-segment LED display
  • Includes decimal points, a ‘:’ (for clock) and extra dot (degrees symbol)
  • 3 x user-readable inputs (jumpers)
  • Connects via I2C – no dedicated GPIOs used
  • I2C address can be changed if necessary (to avoid conflict with any other I2C devices)
  • Comprehensive Python support library, example code and documentation provided