Cases and my Raspberry Pi’s

Starting with the announcement in 2011 and the fist available batch of B’s in 2012 my collection of Pi’s covers most revisions. I tend to case the Pi. Some protection of the bare board seems reasonable. What I look for in cases is: – low price! Some US and European vendors ask ridiculous prices for a bit of acrylic laser cut of low quality. The Chinese are good at that, see ebay! – access to all the connectors like the camera and display and the GPIO connector. – I like to see the internals of the Pi, so acrylic clear cases. – If the cover can be opened easily its a big bonus. That is rare alas. – Clam black shell looks more professional, I have one to show here and some on their way. Raspberry Pi 2011 Model B no fitting holes 256MB. First batch! IMG_4480 IMG_4477
Model B fitting holes 256MB. Gets very hot after some experiments, the ventilator helps! IMG_4479 IMG_4463 Model B fitting holes 512MB. Camera on top, can be rotated and tilted and folded in for transport . Great for time lapse or webcam/security cam purposes. Case bought from Reichelt Germany, also avaiable via Velleman.. IMG_4465 IMG_4466 Model B+, waiting for a better case! IMG_4474 RPi 2 Model B. First one is in clamshell case, second one is mounted on the back of the DSI Touchscreen 7″ display. IMG_4473 IMG_4470 IMG_2441 Model A, first batch IMG_4475 IMG_4476 Model A+ IMG_4469 IMG_4467