Timelapse on the Pi

One of the exciting projects with the Raspberry Pi and the camera used to be the timelapse video.

And it has been the main reason I bought a camera and a case fit for timelapse.

Recently on Google+ I read a post on a web based timelapse facility and decided to give it a try.

It requires latest Jessie, installs a node.js webserver and a javascript driven webpage.

Download jessie, prepare a fresh SD card with SDformatter and win32diskimager, boot the RPi (a B) blind with only ethernet and power connected, and look up the assigned IP number with the handy ezNetscan on my Android tablet.

PuTTY over SSH and I follow the steps in the readme, except for the optional steps.

I then put the wireless adapter and edit theĀ /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf with the SSID and passkey. Boot and note with ifconfig the IP address assigned to the Wifi adapter

So I ended up with a configuration with a webserver on port 4443 listening to https via wireless.

Starting and stopping a timelapse capture with easy to configure options now! Just ignore the https warnings in Chrome …

screenshot timelapse

I use PuTTY to shutdown the RPI and use Filezilla to get the captured images off the RPi card. The timelapse video is then made with Adobe Premiere Elements, on a real fast PC!