The VAP11G-300 is a unique device with a fixed ethernet to wireless bridge that helps in situations where:

  • You want a fixed ethernet connection, but none is available at the location.
  • Wireless is available, but the device either has no wireless capabilities.
  • A wireless capability can be added but to configure it, a working network connection is required.
  • USB ports are scarse.
  • Wireless USB adapters are too powerhungry.
  • You want two wireless devices to communicate without a wireless router available.


The VAP11G-300, with a size comparable to the Raspberry,  has two cables: a USB power cable USB A and an ethernet cable with the RJ45 connector.
A powerjack is also availlable. Status leds show its operation.

With the VAP11G-300 the WiFi intelligent bridge function one can just plugin the ethernet cable, and the device functions as a transparant bridge via wireless to the network. Perfect to configure the Raspberry Pi B’s headless or to avoid the often troublesome and powerhungry wireless adapters taking up an USB connector.

Besides the bridge function it can also function as a wireless repeater or a wireless accesspoint. The latter are not unique, the bridge function is.


The device is quite simple to setup. The device in factory default setting or after a hard reset functions as a wireless acccesspoint with a configuration webpage.
Turning it on by plugging the USB power  cable in a supply or plug a powercable in the powerjack of the device and, from a PC or tablet or phone look for the SSID VONETSXX.
Connect to the open Access point and enter the url http://vonets.cfg.
With some clear configuration steps the VAP11G-300 can be connected to your wireless network.

The default is to function as wireless repeater + bridge, the repeater function can be disabled. Once this is done and the device rebooted the ethernet cable functions as a fixed ethernet connection.

Hardware Spec

Protocol Standard IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11n
Rate of transmission  300Mbps
Interface  1 DC2.0 power hole;
1 dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a set of 10/100M
adaptive Ethernet cable;
Button  Reset button (long press 5 seconds)
LED Status instruction:
WiFi state/Hot spot connection state ( blue light);
Ethernet port state(light green for success);
Antenna   Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2dbm Antennas
Size  90mm x 45mm x 15mm(L x W x H)

Wireless Related

Basic Function Channel option: 1-14;
WiFi Hot spot scan automatically;
WiFi Hot spot memory;
WiFi Hot spot switches.
Working Mode WiFi intelligent repeater mode:
Repeater mode (WiFi signal repeater), it can extend the distance of WiFi transfer;
Wireless Security 64/128/WEP encryption
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、WPA/WPA2 security mechanism
System Function Restart device
Reset factory
Administrate account and password revise
Firmware upgrade